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ragweed is an exhibition platform experimenting with poetic inquiry; rehearsing the strengths of poetry as a medium of care and resistance and positioning the poetic as the frontier for emancipatory politics

сорняк платформа выставки экспериментирующая с поэзии; как метод заботы и как границы освободительной политики


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The pandemic period between March 2020 and the present saw an immense expansion of communication capitalism, the digital merging with the everyday like never before through techno-mediated social distancing. Taking the relationship between temporality and signification as a starting point, this curatorial project begins by identifying erosions of meaning under the acceleration of semiocapitalism - in an attempt to address the question, can you have meaning without time?

Artists are invited to submit speculative works in progress as well as existing works. Artists should send a current CV, and an image list with title, size, and medium to ivanova@yorku.ca
Graffiti found in Oakland, California in 2020, artist unknown, photograph by Esmat Elhalaby