Bunker 2
May 11 ― Jun 04 2017

Down to down,
Row by tow,
Scraped by the haze,
Meaning left,
Without a trace,
Grazing of grace,
Assumptions mislead,
Ideas to pass,
Bar down,
Far lost,Far gone,
Consumption done,
Overcast to come,
Regret equal total sum.

Thistles and brush,
Posed inherit mark,
concrete frames, with hindered lush,
frail and decayed,
no longer plush.

Fragmented time,
remarked from embarkment.
An old musky cotton seated car
sitting in the sun,
particles of dust, dead skin and rust.
Fermented over time.

Sean Ross Stewart’s practice addresses ecological deterioration through poetry, painting, audio, and sculpture in the expanded field. Through his material choices, Stewart highlights the industries and chains of production complicit in environmental degradation.

Anna Kovler, "A DRY REFUGE: SEAN STEWART AT BUNKER 2" Arsenal contemporary art, June 2nd, 2017.