“Poetics of Transgression: Ethics of Encounter” (2018) disentangles the controversies surrounding three contemporary artworks in order to take up the role of discomfort and the practice of transgression in contemporary art. The project argues that although both employ tactics of antagonism, shock, and offense, we can delineate between transgression and mere offense, or trespassing, according to the work’s efficacy in challenging the hegemonic order.

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Controversial artworks are relentlessly defended by art critics, who frequently downplay their disturbing emotional affect. Against an overwhelming consensus to the contrary, “Tresspass”
proposes that ethical analysis is an effective and critically revealing method of engaging with contemporary transgressive art. The essay argues that in favoring conceptual rather than emotional reactions, commentators fail to fully engage with the work they promote. Far from clouding our judgement; shame, outrage, and revulsion are the very emotions that artworks can set out to evoke. “Tresspass” looks at the work of contemporary artists  aiming to challenge the attitude of aesthetic disinterestedness through engaging their viewers’ moral sensibilities.

Language: English

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