Still from "Linkejimai/Wishes" (1998) Digital Video. 23:01 duration.


Dec 31

One of the earliest Lithuanian video works was Evaldas Jansas’ “Linkejimai/Wishes,” which was filmed in 1998, on the days leading up to New Year’s Eve. In “Linkejimai” Jansas asks passersby in various locales, on the street; in bars; and at the contemporary art centre, what they wish for themselves and for others. Jansas provokes strangers to articulate their values, fantasies, anxieties and epistemologies.

Evaldas Jansas (born 1969, Kaunas) lives and works in Vilnius. Recent exhibitions include “Futures” at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, “Another Crossroads of Epochs” at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, “Enter 12” media arts festival in Šiauliai, “Lithuanian Art 2000 – 2010: Ten Years” at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, The X Baltic Triennial of International Art in Vilnius, and “In My Own Juice, Lithuanian Contemporary Art” at the Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn.